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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Real Time Streaming Protocol source code - Apache Real Audio server, anyone?
Date Thu, 14 Nov 1996 04:58:17 GMT

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Real Time Streaming Protocol source code.


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 Source: Business Wire 

 SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE) via Individual Inc. --

 Reference Implementation Source Code Available for Download from

 Progressive Networks Web Site at

 Progressive Networks today published on their Web site the Reference
Implementation Source
 Code for the Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP), a proposed open standard
for control and
 delivery of real-time media over the Internet, developed by Progressive
Networks and Netscape
 Communications. The source code for this Reference Implementation is
available for download
 from the Progressive Networks Web site at It
includes C code for
 both the RTSP Client and Server and will allow developers to experiment
with building RTSP
 applications. The Reference Implementation also includes pre-compiled
versions for Windows
 95 and popular UNIX platforms, enabling the streaming of text via RTSP as a
proof of concept.

 RTSP was announced by Progressive Networks and Netscape and 38 leading
 including Apple Computer, Cisco Systems, Silicon Graphics, Sun
Microsystems, Macromedia
 and Narrative Communications, on October 14, 1996. It defines the
connection between
 streaming media client and server software and provides a standard way for
clients and servers
 from multiple vendors to stream multimedia content. Continued widespread
support for this
 unified standard will help ensure interoperability and give application
developers more flexibility
 in developing robust multimedia applications. The first draft of the
protocol specification, RTSP
 1.0, was submitted to the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) on October
9, 1996.

 RTSP complements the International Telecommunications Unions H.323
specification and is
 designed to deliver rich multimedia broadcast experiences while helping to
minimize the
 overhead of multimedia delivery. RTSP takes advantage of Internet and
Intranet infrastructure
 improvements, such as IP Multicast, RTP and RTCP. Once the Open Standards
Process is
 completed, the affinity between H.323 and RTSP will make it easier for the
industry to bring the
 worlds of telephony, conferencing and multimedia broadcasting together.

 About Progressive Networks

 Progressive Networks is the established market leader and pioneer in the
delivery of real-time
 media over the Internet through the RealMedia Architecture (RMA), a
next-generation platform
 for streaming multiple datatypes over the Internet. RMA is an extension of
the RealAudio
 system, client-server software enabling the playback of audio and
audio-based multimedia in

 Based in Seattle, Progressive Networks develops and markets software
products and services
 designed to enable users of personal computers and other digital devices to
send and receive
 real-time media using today's infrastructure. Since the introduction of the
RealAudio system in
 April of 1995, over 10 million Players have been distributed, including 8
million from the
 RealAudio Web site ( with over 40,000 downloads
daily. Note to
 Editors: Netscape is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation.
RealAudio and
 RealMedia are trademarks of Progressive Networks. All other product names
are trademarks of
 their respective companies.

 CONTACT: KillerApp Communications | Julie Gladders or Calvin Fleming,
213-/938-7600 | or |
 Progressive Networks | Jay Wampold, 206/674-2295

 [11-11-96 at 13:21 EST, Business Wire] 

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