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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject suexec and ~user CGI scripts failing
Date Sun, 10 Nov 1996 04:51:53 GMT

Hmm, CGI scripts in /~user/ directories are failing when using suexec
functionality, with the current snapshot.  

[Sat Nov  9 20:44:35 1996] access to /export/home/brian/public_html/printenv.cgi failed for, reason: Premature end of script headers

CGI scripts under the regular docroot are working fine however. Or, are there
other conditions which would cause the above which I'm not aware of, which the
suexec functionality checks for?  User "brian" can execute that script, of
course.  The mode of that script is 0755.  I believe suexec is installed
correctly (at least it gave the proper notice "Configuring Apache for use with
suexec wrapper." at startup).  What else could be wrong?



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