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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject outstanding issues for 1.2 code freeze.
Date Mon, 04 Nov 1996 03:26:52 GMT

There are a number of outstanding patches and bugs and should-do's in the
current code base.  Do they all have to be released before a beta of 1.2?  In
my opinion, no, as long as they are fixed by 1.2-final.  We will always find
another bug or think of another piece of functionality to add, folks; releasing
code with known and documented but obscure bugs is better than never releasing
code at all.

So, please exercise your democratic rights this election season and vote on
whether you think any or all or none of the following should happen.  If you
want to focus on one or two patches, please split it out and change the subject
line.  But I think this marks the state of where things are today.  I've
crawled through posts to the list and various /incoming directories and
everything today.

  Existing Patches:
  Vote: "+1" is "we should commit this patch to 1.2".

  1) Adding "+" and "-" functionality to Options, so that subdirectory
     option-setting can be additive or subtractive.
     Patch has been posted to the list, has a +1 from someone other
     than the author, needs another +1 before it can be committed.
     Patch by Paul Sutton.

  2) RedirectPermanent, RedirectTemp, etc.
     To implement NCSA-compatible directives for 301 redirection.
     Path available, needs another +1 before it can be committed.
     Patch by Paul Sutton.

  3)'s TCP buffer configuration patch.  I +1 it, and
     it needs one or two more before I'm comfortable committing it.
     What do folks think?

  Critical Bugs Which Need Patches before Public Release:
  Vote: "+1" is "We need to track this down before any public
  1) A kill -HUP after a kill -USR1 results in server death

  Proposed New Functionality Before Release:
  Vote: "+1" is "We should implement this before any public

  1) Generalization of BrowserMatch to apply to any header.

  2) NCSA-style "Satisfy" functionality.  I thought we had a patch for this
     but I couldn't find it.  

  3) Mod_expires should use "Cache-Control".

  Bugs Which Would Be Really Nice To Fix before Release:
  Vote: "+1" means "We need to fix this before release".

  1) parse_htaccess problems due to misconfiguration

  2) Ptime status is always zero in mod_status output.

  3) mod_info output never shows "current configuration".

  4) fix the timeout mechanisms so that reads and responses don't
     use the same variable.

  5) Allow the error_log to use pipes, as acess_log does?  There are
     some odd patches in related to that.
  6) mod_imap should use pools instead of static buffers.

  7) mod_include shouldn't use rputc, it's slow.

Any others?

	Brian (going home to watch Mulder relive a past life)


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