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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Documentation standards
Date Mon, 25 Nov 1996 12:56:03 GMT
Are there any guidelines for writing documentation? The per-module
documents, in particular, have a clear structure to follow which I have
done by taking an existing module document and stripping it down. For
consistency, should there be a template or documentation guidelines
document somewhere (if they doesn't already exist)?

In particular, I'd like to see a definitive list of possible values for
the "Context" and "Status" fields in the directive definitions.
Incidently, the "Context" field can include "directory" (meaning
<Directory ..> section), but most (or all) directives in this context can
also appear in <Location> and <Files>. So maybe "directory" isn't a good
choice of word here any more? 

Finally, where do the 'new-in-1.2' docs go? At the moment they are in the
manual directory itself. I think they should be in a sub-directory (say
"new12") instead. This'll make updating to a new release easier -- and
prevent naming conflicts when a feature is updated in more than one
release. Otherwise we'll end up with a whole bunch of docs in 'manual'
relating to what's new in various versions. 

UK Web Ltd

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