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From "Jason A. Dour" <>
Subject Re: last post on suexec tonight, I swear
Date Mon, 11 Nov 1996 13:39:39 GMT

On Sun, 10 Nov 1996, Jim Jagielski wrote:
> Well, here it is in it's entirety... I think I may have been working
> the copy of suexec in the CVS tree but seem to recall that you or Jason
> had some updates as well.

	I've been delinquent in responding to you...  I never did force
myself to free up some time to look at your patches.  I'll try to cover
them now...

	First, a simple thing...  'asuser' as the name of the flag
variable for ~userdir is, to me, a misleading name.  All suexec
functionality is running as some user.  I'd rather leave it as 'homedir'
or possibly change it to 'userdir', just to make certain it is distinct in
the code...'asuser' wouldn't seem to stand out since that's the basic
premise of the code...  Nitpicky...but still...

> #ifdef USE_SUEXEC_H
> #include "suexec.h"
> #endif

	This is mainly a style question...but why go and create another
file for this stuff if you only need it for this code?  This may change if
we decide to use some of these defines in the server, I guess.  Hmm.
6/half-dozen to me.

> #ifdef HAVE_RLIMIT

	Randy and I agreed this was a Good Thing.  +1 from me.

> /*
>  * ALLOW_SUBDIRS -- Define this if you want to allow suexec
>  *                  to handle subdirectories. default is NO
>  */
> #endif

	I would consider the ALLOW_SUBDIRS related code to be a Bad Thing.
That's MHO, though.  Since the server chdir's to the location of the CGI,
there should be no need for this, right?  If there is a need, please give
me an example...

	The other changes all seem to be built around having ALLOW_SUBDIRS
in there...something I give a -1 to, unless a compelling reason as to why
can be given...

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