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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Response headers on 2xx and 3xx status
Date Sun, 03 Nov 1996 10:10:33 GMT
When Apache outputs a 2xx or 3xx status (except 200) it only outputs the
headers which have been stored in err_headers_out. This is where headers
which are safe to be output on error statuses are stored. But 2xx and 3xx
are not errors.

Here is a patch which outputs all the response headers for 2xx and 3xx
statuses, except that for 2xx no Location: header is output, and for 304,
only the set of valid headers (as per HTTP/1.1 spec) are output. It
effectively treats 2xx and 3xx statuses as not errors. 

As an example of a situation where the current behaviour is wrong,
consider a server-negotiation resource where the chosen variant is a cgi
script which outputs a Location: for a redirect. Because the normal
response headers are not output on a 3xx status, the Vary header from the
negotiation process is not returned. 

UK Web Ltd

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