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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: 1.2b1 status
Date Mon, 25 Nov 1996 07:13:39 GMT
On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Randy Terbush wrote:

> Why is that confusing? Seems more confusing to me to b0a b0f, ?

I was unclear. The first confusing was not to us, but to "the
people". If we use the 1.2b1 name for our internal release, it's "used
up", and we can't use it for the public release (unless you want to
*really* confuse everyone, especially us). And if the first public
release is called "1.2b2" or somesuch, that just confuses
people. They'll want to know what happened to 1.2b1.

> These are nothing more than "build" identifiers. If it doesn't
> fly, we rev the number and try again. Its only real purpose is to
> identify the source of a problem. The less confusing the better...

Depends on the purpose of the build. Us as developers have no real
reason to build a package, except to test it. As release managers, we
have a real reason to build a package: to distribute it as a product,
in this case the Apache HTTP Server. I would be perfectly happy if
this internal release stays as 1.2-dev for a version number, as long
as we all know what's going on.

I don't think I'm making much sense... I just want to reserve 1.2b1
for our first public beta of 1.2, that's all.

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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