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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/docs/unref/changelog v0.4.html
Date Mon, 18 Nov 1996 06:35:57 GMT
On 17 Nov 1996, Paul Richards wrote:

> If the only arguments are that you want to be able to work on them
> separately then we can create modules for them, I've already created a
> docs module.

There are at least three arguments, in order of increasing importance:

1. Some people need to work on the docs, but not the source. As you
point out, this is easily done in CVS.

2. Some people (possibly most) want to work on the source, but not the
docs. For anyone on a slow Net connection (like me), or who uses the
from-cvs snapshots, the extra baggage of the docs is just a
pain. There is no easy way to fix this in CVS.

3. The two are not developed in parallel, as much as it seems they
are. The Apache 1.1 docs are not done exactly at the same time as the
Apache 1.1 source. So a "cvs tag APACHE_1_2_0" done in the root Apache
directory (as is neccessary) will add that tag to the docs, which may
make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Paul, you yourself used a
seperate DOCS_* tag. Making seperate modules make a whole heck of a
lot more sense.

4. It was already vetoed. Therefore, in order to make that change, you
needed, procedurally, to either get me to reverse my veto, or convince
the rest of the group I was certifiably insane for vetoing it (as per You did neither. You didn't
even try to get any +1 votes for it. While I think this is okay for a
minor bug fix - Roy wakes up one morning and realizes he meant
"http_core.c" instead of "core", or Brian fixes the Makefile so it
complies (and actually, Rob, that fix had been brought up and given +1
votes by at least three people, including myself) - for a major change
in the CVS tree, this is purely unacceptable.

Further, you did it wrong. All the docs are completely out of
order and screwed up, and because you didn't branch them, we can't
even go back and fix the 1.0/1.1 docs. If you're going to mess with
the docs (and I actually support, in theory, what you were doing with
CVS), you might as well get it right.

We need someone to maintain the Apache docs: to set up a CVS tree in
apache-docs similar to what Paul did in apache/docs, but with the
right files and branches, set up a script that updates the web pages
from this every so often (with a way to make it happen on demand), and
above all, get three +1 votes before they do anything. And also make
sure the 1.2 beta docs are done for December 1st. (this means
pestering people who made changes to document that).

I'll volunteer.

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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