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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Re: 1.2beta release... Let set a timeline
Date Sat, 16 Nov 1996 17:37:57 GMT
On 16 Nov 1996, Paul Richards wrote:

> I explained how this should work some time ago and no-one said a
> thing. The cvs repository should not be impacted upon by what you want
> to do with the sources. There should be *one* docs directory with all
> the docs in it just like for src. Getting old releases out isn't a
> problem at all since they'd be tagged at release time and it's a one
> off process to install that releases docs into the web area.

This makes sense to me... otoh, I'd like it either done now (and I
mean now) or on December 2nd. I'd like to work on docs for 1.2b1
(since I absolutely feel we need at least some release notes), but I
am wary about doing anything before we decide on a format. The page I
started at is kind of just sitting
there, out of date and incomplete, in part because of all this CVS

BTW, regardless, Paul S. (can you guys change your names? It's bad
enough having three Robs, let alone two Pauls *grin*) is right about one
thing: we still do need a new.html (or somesuch) file, to detail new
features. A complete set of 1.2 docs doesn't help beta testers much,
because they then have to go poring through the whole thing to find
out what's new. Assuming they have used 1.1 (or earlier) for some
time, they don't need the complete reference set. Note that for the
1.1 beta, that's all we had: /docs/1.1/ had release notes, which were
then merged into the full docs and put on the web site in /docs/ at
the same time we released 1.1.0.

Also, there's the question of how to arrange the web site. Assuming we
go with Paul R.'s plan, something like this makes sense to me:

/docs/ - General, non-version docs. Links to subdirs, and maybe to
         non-Apache Group resources (apacheweek, newsgroups, whatever)
/docs/1.0/ - Complete docs for 1.0 (the current /docs/1.0/)
/docs/1.0/features.html - Release notes for 1.0
/docs/1.1/ - Complete docs for 1.1 (the current /docs/)
/docs/1.1/new/ - Release notes for 1.1 (the current /docs/1.1/)
/docs/1.2/ - Complete docs for 1.2 (brand new, updated from /docs/)
/docs/1.2/new.html - Release notes for 1.2 (from the current /docs/1.2/)

The last two would come from CVS snapshots (we still need a mechanism
for that), and would be updated frequently throughout the beta cycle
(it would be linked from /docs/ when 1.2b1 is released). When we ship
1.2, and start work on 2.0, we branch off a 1.2 branch, in case we need
to make updates, and start working on 2.0 docs, which would end up in

Alexei Kosut <>      The Apache HTTP Server

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