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Subject Re: Apache vs. MSIIS
Date Fri, 22 Nov 1996 14:32:22 GMT
> IIS 1.0 was not great, IIS 2.0 did even deserve the version number, but
> watch out on IIS 3.0.  The advantage of IIS 3.0 is not the web server, but
> the components that go with it.  If you use Front Page 97 with IIS 3.0 you
> can build some incredible pages.  These pages take advantage of the new
> Active Server framework.

This is what a local consulting firm believed as well.  They built a web
site on one of their own systems using NT, IIS and FrontPage.  Then they
phoned 35 different ISP's in the Toronto area trying to find one that
would host their site and support the FrontPage extensions.  They were
unable to find a single ISP that would do that.

For Intranet enterprise solutions, FrontPage and IIS may be great, but 
it is certainly nowhere to be found in the Internet ISP arena at this point.


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