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Subject Re: searching domains
Date Wed, 20 Nov 1996 18:43:46 GMT
> > The patch I wrote doesn't do this.  It first checks to see if "ibm" by
>      I think Brian said my idea (resolv.conf) was the bad idea.

Yup, I realized that, I just wanted to make sure people understood the
concept correctly.

>      So your thing, when getting http://ibm/ on the request line, does
> 1) gethostbyname(ibm)
> 2) return a redirect for
>      I don't object to that, if configurable. What I object to:
> 1) gethostbyname(ibm)
> 2) gethostbyname(

My first version of the patch did the second of those, my second attempt
implemented the first.  So yes, currently the first option of your above
two is implemented.


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