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Subject Re: Proxy patch - Attempt #2
Date Wed, 20 Nov 1996 01:57:30 GMT
> I think it could be useful feature -- but only if it is configurable,
> perhaps even with a list of domains to search if .com fails.

Yes, that is what the current patch does.

> The last version I saw didn't appear provide the functionality described --
> but with that functionality, if it is required that the host have only one
> 'part' (ie. no periods, so it couldn't look like xxxx.yyyy), then there is
> no problem with adding new top-level domains (there should never be top
> level domains which are also specific sites).  Also, by the description and
> the code that I saw -- the extra domains will only be tried if the first
> attempt fails, no? 

Correct again.  


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