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Subject Re: PTS
Date Mon, 18 Nov 1996 14:22:53 GMT
> Holy Cow!  That's almost exactly what I designed in my research notes
> (my research group at UCI was going to implement such a system last year,
> but we got sidetracked on other projects and demos).  Its a bit odd that
> they are using PHP instead of a straight C module, but I'm impressed by
> the samples.

PHP isn't such a bad choice for something like this.  PHP was designed to
make database integration simple.  If he were to write it in C, it would
run as a CGI most likely, and not as a module, and thus be much slower.
You could argue that he should do it in Perl and use mod_perl instead, or
write it in C and use FastCGI.  I wouldn't complain about his choice though.
I am just happy someone is willing to spend some time building a system
like this.  It is a bit rough at the moment, but hopefully with a bit of
constructive criticism a useful tool can come out of it.


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