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Subject Re: Proxy patch to change host ->
Date Sun, 17 Nov 1996 22:03:39 GMT
> > I have gotten very used to a little shortcut built into Netscape's
> > host->IP resolver.  If you feed it a single word hostname, ie. "ibm",
> > it will then turn it into "" for you if "ibm" in itself 
> > doesn't resolve.  The Apache proxy doesn't currently handle this.
> > Here is a simple patch to make it do so:
> Whaaaat!?  Are you serious about this ;)

Well, I certainly find it handy.  I do agree with Alexei though.  It should
probably be implemented by sending the browser a redirect instead.

I have a LAN in my house here, and I recently installed the proxy server
on my gateway.  My girlfriend, lazy as she is, complained loudly that she
was no longer able to simply type a company name by itself in the Netscape
URL field like she was used to.  The patch made her happy.  I'll see about
reworking it to do this via a redirect instead.  But I won't get that in
before the deadline.


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