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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: 1.2b1 status
Date Thu, 21 Nov 1996 10:47:26 GMT
Rob Hartill wrote:
> 	Roy's claim of CGI schitzo behavior and improper dealing with
> 	CONTENT_LENGTH.  This is a showstopper in my opinion until more
> 	voices are heard.
> 	Roy offers 2 options:
> 	  a) Assume it is only for old scripts.  This requires changing mod_cgi
> 	    so that it rejects anything without a Content-Length (411 Length
> 	    Required) even if it is chunked, or at least anything that cannot
>             be read into a single buffer before execing the script.
>           b) Assume it is for new scripts and that old scripts will just never
> 	    see the HTTP/1.1 input (after all, no sane client would chunk an
> 	    x-www-url-encoded form).  This requires changing get_client_block
> 	    so that it passes the chunk size and footer to the script. 
> 	Jim gave (b) a +1

I don't understand why the input can't be dechunked before passing it to the



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