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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Docs
Date Sun, 17 Nov 1996 21:10:24 GMT
Paul Richards wrote:
> I ended up putting the new docs structure into 
> apache/docs
> because it was easier than messing around with two apache-docs
> directories. I'll await the flammage reagrding my unilateral decision
> to do this.
> When you're flaming me can you included a reason why you don't like
> this setup and then I'll accomodate you with suitable modules.

OK, get your fireproof suit on.

If you are going to mess with the CVS tree, you really have to keep your eye on
the ball. I made exactly this unilateral decision several weeks ago, and had to
reverse it. At least I had an excuse: it hadn't been done before. This is
really very slack, if not high-handed. The consensus is, for reasons I insist
you check the old email to discover, coz I'm buggered if I'm going to rehash
it, that the docs tree must be completely separate from the source tree.


Annoyed of Chiswick.

> Someone might like to check I've got all this right in terms of the
> right files getting stuck to the right version.
> You can get 1.0 docs using the DOCS_1_0 tag and 1.1 docs using
> DOCS_1_1, the current docs are on the head branch.
> There's no branching been done so don't go making changes to 1.0 or
> 1.1 docs because you'll get an error along the lines of 
> cvs commit: sticky tag `DOCS_1_0' for file `apache1.0.html' is not a branch
> I don't think those tags are of any use and I don't see any point in
> branching. Any changes should be made to the head and never to those
> tags so I've deliberately not branched. If we want proper
> documentation for older releases then we should document them in the
> current docs not older copies of the docs. I'm not sure I'm explaining
> this very well but we need to make a distinction between the current
> docs (which may include documentation on older servers) and older copies
> of the docs.
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