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From (Brandon Long)
Subject Re: mod_cgissi
Date Mon, 04 Nov 1996 21:07:50 GMT
On 11/4, Rob Hartill uttered the following other thing:
> Brandon Long wrote:
> >> They could always use NCSA httpd. I hear they have it.
> >
> >Heh.  Yeah.  #define CGI_SSI_HACK, which was necessary for SHTTP (where there
> >are SSI directives for including the server keys and the like, which
> >can't be reasonably assumed that to be included in a CGI script.  It involves
> >one byte socket reads again though, so I highly suggest against it.  As
> >for the security hole feature, that falls into the shoot yourself in the
> >foot category.
> The trick is to explain to people the dangers of the gun they're holding
> before they shoot their feet. How does NCSA explain the dangers ?

Well, the feature isn't really documented, and it is a #define, and there
is a warning in the comment about it.  So, the answer is not really, I guess.

Guess I should warn someone there about that.

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