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From (Brandon Long)
Subject Re: adding REMOTE_PORT
Date Mon, 04 Nov 1996 18:42:12 GMT
On 11/3, Roy T. Fielding uttered the following other thing:
> Can we make this addition to the standard env set for scripts?
> Our support group has done this here for over a year now, since they
> wanted ident information for their support-request forms.
> ......Roy
> ------- Forwarded Message

"Preliminary tests show boa is almost twice as fast as Apache, and is
capable of handling 50 hits per second on a 90 MHz Pentium."

Heh.  My tests (graphs at showed
Boa to be slightly faster (ie 40 conn/s for Boa, 37 conn/s for Apache)
under static pages, and Apache slightly faster than Boa on dynamic
(ie, CGI) pages (almost negligible) though Apache killed Boa in CGI 
throughput (I have no idea why).

Oh, and Apache did much faster than NCSA HTTPd.  Oh well.  Guess that
file descriptor passing thing wasn't a good idea :)

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 MD6 Crash Test Dummy   exceeds the probable cost of errors, or until
 Intel Corp, Oregon      someone insists on getting some useful work done."
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