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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: documentation
Date Sat, 02 Nov 1996 11:34:14 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> I don't think Ben had in mind that the docs would be part of the release --

I didn't.

> it is a trivial step to remove them when preparing a new release.
> Likewise, it is a simple change to exclude/separate them from the snapshot.


> I think that the manual should be as close as possible to the source,
> and I would prefer to receive updates to them at the same time I update
> my source.  I also think that anyone working on the docs will *need* to
> receive apache-cvs mail, since that will give an indication of what parts
> of the docs need to be reviewed, updated, or removed.  And, eventually,
> I'd like for us to get in the habit of committing the doc changes in
> the same step as committing the source changes.
> So, I'd rather have them where Ben put them than anywhere else.

I'm going to move them anyway. My reasoning is that anyone with your view can
get what they want with the aid of a two-line shell script if I move them, and
anyone with Alexei's view can also be kept happy. If I leave them where they
are, then it is not possible to have the source without the docs.

As I said, after we've all debated it and decided what we really want to do,
I'll endeavour to make it happen. In the meantime a separate module would seem
the most flexible.

It is also true that documentation releases may not exactly synchronize with
source releases, especially where there are security issues, which is a strong
argument for a separate module.



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