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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject vhost problems again
Date Mon, 18 Nov 1996 06:21:57 GMT
Do some people still have mysterious vhost problems?  I just ran into
one in hotwired's configuration that others may be seeing too.  It's
not something I think we need to fix for 1.2, but I intend on working
on an overhaul of this code for 2.0.  Here's the problem.

If you have a global ServerName setting, and you also have a
<VirtualHost> that explicitly describes the same server (i.e. same
ServerName, or overlapping IP) then the VirtualHost is considered a
name-vhost (i.e.  is_virtual == 2).

Now, I can't think of when this would really hurt people, but it affected
hotwired because we use the "default" ip address.
The name-vhost (in this case it was is never matched,
and the default is always used.  (Our default is essentially the same
config as with a tweak to stop robots from indexing it.)

My solution was to remove the global "ServerName"
setting; which wasn't needed anyhow since all the VirtualHosts have
their own setting.  But in general, the default and name-vhosts
don't mix.


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