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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: More docs fun....
Date Wed, 20 Nov 1996 14:01:18 GMT
Alexei Kosut <> writes:

> Sounds good. As for image references... well, we'd actually have to
> include the images now, wouldn't we. That's another couple-dozen
> kilobytes, for those of us keeping track...

Umm, yeah. I think having the manuals appear as an intro when the
server starts up would be a nice feature myself. This doesn't actually
work of course because the server doesn't seem to start up knowing
where the htdocs directory is even though there was a sample index
file in there before.

I've considered writing an install target, anyone agree? Desirable for
1.2 or not?

> One thing I'm concerned about is that we have hundreds of thousands of
> people using Apache 1.1.[01], which says to see
> for information on that release. We
> need to either symlink or Alias or Redirect that directory to
> somewhere else, like, or to
> new_features_1_1.html or somewhere.

I'd prefer something to patch over this in the server rather than
anything that'll go into cvs and be distributed as part of Apache.

> And there's a question of what is a "module" file, and what is a
> "general info" file. Where does keepalive.html go, for example?

This is why we need a docs cleanup :-)

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