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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/docs/unref/changelog v0.4.html
Date Mon, 18 Nov 1996 16:04:23 GMT
Alexei Kosut <> writes:

> There are at least three arguments, in order of increasing importance:
> 1. Some people need to work on the docs, but not the source. As you
> point out, this is easily done in CVS.
> 2. Some people (possibly most) want to work on the source, but not the
> docs. For anyone on a slow Net connection (like me), or who uses the
> from-cvs snapshots, the extra baggage of the docs is just a
> pain. There is no easy way to fix this in CVS.

So is this. In fact, I've been getting just the src directory back to
my local box.

> 3. The two are not developed in parallel, as much as it seems they
> are. The Apache 1.1 docs are not done exactly at the same time as the
> Apache 1.1 source. So a "cvs tag APACHE_1_2_0" done in the root Apache
> directory (as is neccessary) will add that tag to the docs, which may
> make absolutely no sense whatsoever. Paul, you yourself used a
> seperate DOCS_* tag. Making seperate modules make a whole heck of a
> lot more sense.

They should be developed in parallel. Why would they not be? I used a
separate DOCS tag because it would have been wrong to retrospectively
put files on the release tags since those files were not in those

> 4. It was already vetoed. Therefore, in order to make that change, you
> needed, procedurally, to either get me to reverse my veto, or convince
> the rest of the group I was certifiably insane for vetoing it (as per
> You did neither. You didn't

I didn't remember a veto, I remember some discussion but nothing as
finalised as a veto.

> Further, you did it wrong. All the docs are completely out of
> order and screwed up, and because you didn't branch them, we can't
> even go back and fix the 1.0/1.1 docs. If you're going to mess with
> the docs (and I actually support, in theory, what you were doing with
> CVS), you might as well get it right.

Branching them wouldn't make any difference. The idea of branching and
checking out old copies wasn't a very good one in retrospect.

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