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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: Some old bug...
Date Mon, 18 Nov 1996 21:01:26 GMT
This is on the ukweb "known bugs" list I think.  Yep a FQHN can begin with
a number, and the archives will point you to the references validating
that (and all the previous arguments about it :).  I think the best way to
fix it would be during the configuration phase decide if the allow/deny
is ip or name based, set a flag, and then use remotehost or remote_ip
as appropriate during the actual security checking.  This would be the
most efficient anyhow.


In article <>,
Dirk.vanGulik <> wrote:
>I had to have a look round in mod_access, and I noticed
>this line; which works out wether we have a FQHN or an IP
>	((remotehost != NULL && isalpha(remotehost[0])) && 
>		(in_domain(sec->ctrl, remotehost)))
>I think this was discussed before.. and if I recalled correctly
>FQHN *can* gegin with a number. Or did I miss something and
>was it fixes elsewhere ?
>Otherwise dropping it is just fine.

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