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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: Docs
Date Mon, 18 Nov 1996 03:54:51 GMT
I'm guessing that Paul was headed towards creating three modules, "apache"
(docs+src), "apache-src" (src only), and "apache-docs".  Or at least...
that's where I'd head in order to avoid the negative energy of some
people here :)  In any event, it's not easy to define a module that is
"the contents of foo minus the subdir bar".  It's easier to have two
toplevels apache-src and apache-docs then define the module apache to
contain the two.  Something like this:

apache-docs	apache-docs
apache-src	apache-src
apache		apache &apache-src &apache-docs

The relative-vs-absolute thing isn't easy to solve, period.  Unless you
just start using the appropriate amount of ../ in the URLs.  Would
this work:

    cd $root/docs
    cvs checkout -d 1.0 -r DOCS_1_0 apache-docs
    cvs checkout -d 1.1 -r DOCS_1_1 apache-docs
    cvs checkout -d 1.2 apache-docs
    ln -s 1.2 current

Then point at /docs/current on the site.  And the nightly update
script would be:

    cd $root/docs/1.0
    cvs update
    cd $root/docs/1.1
    cvs update
    cd $root/docs/current
    cvs update

(But note that Paul said he didn't branch at DOCS_1_0 and DOCS_1_1,
so they're static in his model.)

Why would you want to make a release minus the docs?  It looks like
the docs add 120k to the .tar.gz size in from-cvs.  Why this is an
issue at all is entirely beyond me, 120k hardly seems worth the
debates going on.


In article <>,
Brian Behlendorf  <> wrote:
>A couple more things:
>Please edit /export/pub/httpd/how-to-release.html to explain how the process
>should be changed to remove the docs from a release tar.
>Please edit the script which creates the CVS tar and places them in /from-cvs/
>automagically to not include docs in them.
>Finally, there are links between pages in the documentation and "informational"
>files under docs/ on the web site (such as perf.html) which up until now could
>have been relative, but will now have to be absolute.  This reduces the
>portability of the documents on, so that a mirror site now will
>have more links pointing back to in a hard-coded way.  Without
>radically changing the mirror-distribution strategies (which is basically to
>run the program "mirror", pulling things down via FTP) how can we address this?
>	Brian

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