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From (Dean Gaudet)
Subject Re: documentation
Date Mon, 04 Nov 1996 20:00:42 GMT
In article <>,
Paul Richards  <> wrote:
>You should always do cvs up -Pd otherwise you're going to run into
>problems and the -d will create missing directories.

Yeah I know that -- but based on how people respond here when new
directories are created I doubt everyone is using -Pd :)  At any
rate, you could just say "cvs update -Pd src" since the "I want no
manual" crowd probably works in src 99% of the time anyhow.

I don't think it's a silly suggestion at all.  What I do think is silly
is the original request that we separate the manual and the source
code.  We're definately going to continue down the path we're already
on -- where there's no documentation for 50% of the server functionality.

On the other hand there's another way to do this that people haven't
looked at.  Using the modules file you can define two modules, one
which includes the docs and one which doesn't.


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