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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Netscape/byte ranges/1.0/1.1
Date Tue, 26 Nov 1996 01:11:06 GMT

I'm talking to someone who says that Apache 1.2 is broken w.r.t
byte range interactions with Netscape.

Should Netscape work ok with these ?

I don't know what version of Netscape he's testing with or how old
a 1.2-dev he has, so some of this may be solved by updating both client
and server, however I'd still like to understand how things are supposed to

Anyway, *he* reckons that a HTTP/1.1 server shouldn't accept a "range" header
from a HTTP/1.0 client because 1.0 isn't supposed to have them.

>From what I've picked up listening (though not carefully enough
to know for sure) to 1.1 discussions on this list is that 1.0 clients
and servers can send new 1.1 headers (not marked HTTP/1.1 though) to each
other as long as the other end can ignore what it doesn't reckognise
without that causing problems, i.e.  as long as the rest of the headers
make sense in 1.0.

So, if Netscape does send HTTP/1.1 incompatible  "range" related headers
(I don't know if it does) but in a HTTP/1.0 request, then Netscape is
broken and Apache doesn't need fixing.  Is this correct ?

Did Netscape jump the gun and implement 1.1 features that were still
fluid ?

Rob Hartill.       Internet Movie Database Ltd.  

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