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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject 1.2b0
Date Mon, 25 Nov 1996 15:21:49 GMT


	Charles' Orth (via Roy) has a patch to fix a protocol bug.

	+1 from Roy and Brian

	(has this been committed ?)

	The logic of timeouts seems to be somewhat screwed - keepalive
	timeouts may be used at the wrong moments, it seems to me.  [Ben]

	"This should be added to a known_bugs page" [Brian]

	(let me know when that's been done so I can remove this entry)


	From: Roy
	The problem is that a request on /dir/ is internally redirected to
	/dir/index.html, which properly results in a 304 Not Modified.  However,
	the r->status is not updated to reflect new->status (and anything else
	that might need to be promoted).

	we're still waiting for someone to speak up on whether it's a
	major problem or not.  I don't know that area of the code well
	enough, though I can't say that promotion of error code from
	sub-redirects has been a problem for me personally.  Again, flag
	it as a known bug is probably the best we can
	do here, unless someone wants to speak up.  [brian]

	Roy +1'ed a fix from Ben


Showstoppers (perhaps):

	Charles' Orth's protocol bug (Roy says "critical protocol bug" which
	I've translated to "showstopper")


		Prepare more documentation.
		Resolve all outstanding bugs (see above).
		Create last pre-beta tarball (Randy?)
	next	Test, test, test.
		Report back with positive as well as negative comments.
	Nov 30	Create 1.2b1 tarball.
	  "	Update CVS to reflect 1.2b1 release.
	Dec  1  Release 1.2b1.
	  "	Put documentation online if there is any.
	  "	Hand 1.2 management over.

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