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From "Christian Gross" <>
Subject Re: Apache vs. MSIIS
Date Fri, 22 Nov 1996 07:59:34 GMT
I read your comment would like to add the following.

I worked with the Apache server and have to say it is cool and nice code,
but it is something only a hacker could love.  

IIS 1.0 was not great, IIS 2.0 did even deserve the version number, but
watch out on IIS 3.0.  The advantage of IIS 3.0 is not the web server, but
the components that go with it.  If you use Front Page 97 with IIS 3.0 you
can build some incredible pages.  These pages take advantage of the new
Active Server framework.

To be honest I see that not many people are interested in writing perl code
when they could write it simpler and embed their server OLE objects.

I think if Apache really wants to survive in the long run the following
needs to be done (NT and the IIS is eating ground left right and center,
especially among the corporates)
- easy remote administration (no using telnet)
- easy way of creating server side content without needing Perl or C/C++
- integration with other easy to use packages

While talking about the CGI 1.1 spec may seem cool.  I am thinking that CGI
is not an issue.  The big vendors have moved the battle to another field
and call "CGI" legacy stuff.  No joke I was a few conferences where this
was the case.  The orginal question was to stop the junking of the UNIX
boxes in favour of NT boxes.  Guess what folks I am seeing the exact same

Christian Gross

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> Subject: Re: Apache vs. MSIIS
> Date: vendredi, 22. novembre 1996 02:43
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> Doug Wellington
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> PS. Remember to insert "I think" or "In my opinion" before every sentence
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