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From sameer <>
Subject Re: searching domains
Date Wed, 20 Nov 1996 18:29:29 GMT
> > Bad idea: if I go to http://ibm/, and the resolver returns an address for
> > "ibm" which is really "", the URL in the web page will still be
> > http://ibm/.  
> The patch I wrote doesn't do this.  It first checks to see if "ibm" by

	I think Brian said my idea (resolv.conf) was the bad idea.

> itself resolves.  It is conceivable that you have a host named "ibm" on your
> local network and you are trying to get to that.  If "ibm" does not resolve, 
> then I send a redirect back to the browser if and only if "ibm" is a
> single word.  The redirect adds a www. to the front and a .com to the end.
> Exactly like Netscape Navigator does.  

	So your thing, when getting http://ibm/ on the request line, does
1) gethostbyname(ibm)
2) return a redirect for

	I don't object to that, if configurable. What I object to:
1) gethostbyname(ibm)
2) gethostbyname(

> I realize this is a very controversial "feature" and I will modify the patch
> to make it configurable and off by default.  Would that make everyone happy,
> or will it still be vetoed?  If another veto is coming, I won't bother doing
> the work.
> -Rasmus

Sameer Parekh					Voice:   510-986-8770
President					FAX:     510-986-8777

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