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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject FAQs
Date Tue, 19 Nov 1996 14:54:18 GMT

Alexei asked what were the most common FAQs on the bugs list.

>From what I remember I'd say:

	this config doesn't prompt for a password. Why ?

	my virtual hosts don't work properly. Why ?

	is the HTML available in 1 tarball for downloading ?

	how do I log XYZ too ?

	I keep seeing runaway processes that need a SIGHUP, Why ?

	why does Apache spew out cookies all the time ?

	how do I get script output parsed for SSI ?

	why does my CGI barf with Apache but work with NCSA/Netsite ?

	why do my virtual hosts work from some browsers but not others ?

	is there a better address for sending config questions ?

	is there a better address for sending patches/suggestions ?

	is Apache buffering CGI output ? .. how do I stop it ?

	why do inline gifs break on some browsers ?

	is there a binary for system Y ?

	How do I compile 1.1 on HPUX 10.x ?    (problem fixed in 1.2)

	where's the scoreboard file gone ?

	does Apache support java/active X/whatever ?

	is Apache free / how do I license Apache   ?

	/status interfers with /status-foo, is this a bug ?


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