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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: PTS
Date Tue, 19 Nov 1996 03:28:50 GMT
> >> Holy Cow!  That's almost exactly what I designed in my research notes
> >> (my research group at UCI was going to implement such a system last year,
> >> but we got sidetracked on other projects and demos).  Its a bit odd that
> >> they are using PHP instead of a straight C module, but I'm impressed by
> >> the samples.
> > 
> > PHP isn't such a bad choice for something like this.  PHP was designed to
> > make database integration simple.  If he were to write it in C, it would
> > run as a CGI most likely, and not as a module, and thus be much slower.
> > You could argue that he should do it in Perl and use mod_perl instead, or
> > write it in C and use FastCGI.  I wouldn't complain about his choice though.
> > I am just happy someone is willing to spend some time building a system
> > like this.  It is a bit rough at the moment, but hopefully with a bit of
> > constructive criticism a useful tool can come out of it.
> Actually, after sending the above I decided to investigate PHP and its
> advantages for such a system, surfing until the wee hours of the morning.
> I'm impressed -- I didn't know that PHP had such a nice integration with
> mSQL, which explains why it makes perfect sense to use PHP for a problem
> tracker.  Hell, if I had PHP two years ago, I probably would have done it
> myself.  I am going to try to set it up here on my research server.
> .....Roy

Not to mention it's interface to Postgres...

I'm somewhat mystified by the lack of interest that those on this
list have shown in PHP. PHP is king in terms of short development

It probably deserves to have the module interface included in the
Apache sources along with fastcgi and others.

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