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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: apache/src mod_rewrite.h Makefile.tmpl (fwd)
Date Mon, 18 Nov 1996 01:24:45 GMT
Brian Behlendorf wrote:

>Was rob's adding of comments to warn about USR1 across that line?

Well, put it this way, I earlier said that if someone else wrote that patch
then I'd +1 it :-)

Why ? - because anything can be controversial to someone.

>Finally, group consensus can only work if folks start speaking up about

I'd expect more participation if it were seen as required. If you know that
+1'ing something just ends up filling bandwidth because it'll get committed
anyway, then you won't bother. If you know that something is stopped dead
until you help it along then it's worth the effort of mailing off support.

Can anyone remember the last time I sent a +1 vote for anything before last
week ? I can't.

Unless voting has some meaning people won't vote (topical for this month).

Can we try it on the basis that everything needs to be voted on regardless
of how trivial for the sake of simpifying the process and encouraging
participation ?  There's a rush right now for 1.2b1, but later people can
save up their trivial patches and offer them in a batch if they feel
embarassed at having to get permission for something as important as a
missing comma in a comment :-)

I think if we make a fuzzy rule about what's trivial and what's not, it'll
shift a little bit each week until we're back to where we've been until
now with 1.2.


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