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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: Proxy patch to change host ->
Date Sun, 17 Nov 1996 18:36:19 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:

>On Sun, 17 Nov 1996 wrote:
>> I have gotten very used to a little shortcut built into Netscape's
>> host->IP resolver.  If you feed it a single word hostname, ie. "ibm",
>> it will then turn it into "" for you if "ibm" in itself 
>> doesn't resolve.  The Apache proxy doesn't currently handle this.
>> Here is a simple patch to make it do so:
>Very dangerous, doing it this way. Note that Netscape, if it's doing
>this, changes the status bar, so you know it's been done.

That sounds like a veto. You've convinced me it's a bad idea.


Graceful restarts need to be hidden

*** CHANGES.orig	Sun Nov 17 18:31:50 1996
--- CHANGES	Sun Nov 17 18:32:05 1996
*** 105,113 ****
    *) Fix ErrorDocument handling.  When ErrorDocument failed it used to 
       display filename instead of error message. [Paul Sutton]
-   *) Graceful restart code added. This allows the server to restart without
-      losing current connections on receipt of signal 2 (SIGINT). [Ben Laurie]
    *) Added BROKEN_WAIT flag to conf.h, to be used on systems which fail to
       reap their children correctly (symptom: mod_status shows children which
       don't exist). [Ben Laurie]
--- 105,110 ----

BTW, wasn't it changed to SIGUSR1 anyway ?

There's no real mention of HTTP/1.1 in the CHANGES file. Alexei, do you want
to add something ?

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