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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject 1.2b to do
Date Sun, 17 Nov 1996 14:29:11 GMT

If nobody puts forward a satisfy patch today, it's too late !!!!


	SIGUSR1/graceful restarts 

	Problem: Under FreeBSD, this is lethal. USR1 followed by HUP takes down
	te server. Paul S (?) reported annoying processes after a USR1.
	Plan: I can't see this getting fixed any time soon so I recommend it
	stays undocumented or gets big flashing warning lights.

	To do: Is there any documentation on this ? If there is, add a huge
	warning. If someone offers some comments for the C source to warn about
	this I'll +1 them.
	SSI causes bytes sent count to be waaay too low.

	For each SSI include, apache substracts bytes sent so far from
	its counter (thinking bytes sent so far = headers only)

	3 patches offered.


	SSI byte sent logging.

To do:
	ASAP	Find a patch for 'satisfy' that works well (tried and tested)
		 (before feature freeze)
		Prepare more documentation.
		Resolve all outstanding bugs (see above).
	Nov 17	Feature freeze.
	Nov 24	Create last pre-beta tarball.
		Test, test, test.
		Report back with positive as well as negative comments.
	Nov 30	Create 1.2b tarball.
	  "	Update CVS to reflect 1.2b release.
	Dec  1  Release 1.2b.
	  "	Put documentation online if there is any.
	  "	Hand 1.2 management over.

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