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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject WWW Form Bug Report: "update to previous bug report" on FreeBSD (fwd)
Date Sat, 16 Nov 1996 20:11:28 GMT
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Message-Id: <>
Date: Sat Nov 16 11:19:09 1996
Subject: WWW Form Bug Report: "update to previous bug report" on FreeBSD

Operating system: FreeBSD, version: 2.1.5
Version of Apache Used: 1.1.1
Extra Modules used: 
URL exhibiting problem: 

I have changed the config of my server such that it now
has "Port 8000".  This means that for external accesses
to, the redirects are good now.
However, you won't be able to reproduce the problem by
using the URL I gave.

The effect is now reverse; as in this example.  Note
that I access the server at port 80, but the Location:
in the redirect gets the port number from the "Port"
directive in httpd.conf

% telnet freebase 80
Connected to
Escape character is '^]'.
GET /x HTTP/1.0

HTTP/1.0 302 Found
Date: Sat, 16 Nov 1996 19:16:29 GMT
Server: Apache/1.1.1
Content-type: text/html

<HEAD><TITLE>Document moved</TITLE></HEAD>
<BODY><H1>Document moved</H1>
The document has moved <A HREF="">here</A>.<P>




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Rob Hartill.       Internet Movie Database Ltd.  

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