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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: 1.2b plan of action
Date Sat, 16 Nov 1996 01:44:40 GMT

Looks good Rob. You the man.

I'd be happy to roll the tarball.

> (I know this is incomplete. It'll be biassed towards issues I'm aware
> of until I see feedback).
> Plan for Release of Apache 1.2 beta
> ===================================
> Release Date: Dec 1st '96
> Timetable:
> 	Sunday 17th - end of the day there's a feature freeze. No features
> 	will be added after that without a fight. Assume that all features
> 	are vetoed. Features added before the deadline need 3 x +1 votes
> 	BEFORE being committed.
> 	Now-24th - send bug patches/reports to the list. Don't commit
> 	patches until there are at least 3 +1 votes visible on the list.
> 	Sunday 24th - roll the last pre-beta tarball and make lots of
> 	noise on the list to get everyone to download it and try exactly
> 	the same version.
> 	At any time, send to the list a description of anything that needs
> 	doing and I'll try to summarise the state of affairs daily if there's
> 	anything new to report.
> 	Nov 30th, change the server name to 1.2b, create a public tarball.
> 	Dec  1st, move tarfile into place. Start a new release timetable
> 	for 1.2
> Assume that only showstopper bugs will change the timetable... don't moan
> if your pet project/gripe is overlooked if it can't meet the deadline - if
> it has waited this long then it can wait for 1.3; if we can generate momentum,
> 1.3 could be only a few months away.
> I'll try to post daily progress reports and maintain a 'to do' list. If there's
> nothing to report, I won't. There's a to do list attached. Please send me
> additions or more detail. 
> CVS: Those of you with cvs priviliges on hyperreal, please commit whatever gets
> approved (3 x +1) and nothing else. Also, what needs to be done CVS-wise
> in order to create 1.2b and then prepare for 1.2 ? Let me know so I can put
> it on the 'to do' list.
> tarballs: Can someone volunteer to create a 1.2b tarball - I get the impression
> that this is best done by someone with cvs privs. If there's no volunteer,
> please explain the process so that it can be put on the to do list.
> documentation: I'm easy on this (for 1.2b). The more the better, but I won't
> treat it as a showstopper. If this frightens you, start writing documentation.
> Bugs:
> 	(I know Brian setup a web bugtacking system but last time I tried it
> 	was way too slow (network delays) to be of any use.
> 	-=-=-=-=-=-
> 	SIGUSR1/graceful restarts 
> 	Problem: Under FreeBSD, this is lethal. USR1 followed by HUP takes down
> 	te server. Paul S (?) reported annoying processes after a USR1.
> 	Plan: I can't see this getting fixed any time soon so I recommend it
> 	stays undocumented or gets big flashing warning lights.
> 	To do: Is there any documentation on this ? If there is, add a huge
> 	warning. If someone offers some comments for the C source to warn about
> 	this I'll +1 them.
> 	-=-=-=--=-=-=-
> Showstoppers:
> 	none
> To do:
> 	ASAP	Find a patch for 'satisfy' that works well (tried and tested)
> 		 (before feature freeze)
> 		Prepare more documentation.
> 		Resolve all outstanding bugs (see above).
> 	Nov 17	Feature freeze.
> 	Nov 24	Create last pre-beta tarball.
> 		Test, test, test.
> 		Report back with positive as well as negative comments.
> 	Nov 30	Create 1.2b tarball.
> 	  "	Update CVS to reflect 1.2b release.
> 	Dec  1  Release 1.2b.
> 	  "	Put documentation online if there is any.
> 	  "	Hand 1.2 management over.
> Note: this is how I think we should work to release 1.2b. I'm not making
> any rules for future release managers to follow (if we ever have another one).
> This is my best plan for 1.2b within the timeframe that most people
> appear to agree with (i.e. ASAP).
> -- 
> Rob Hartill.       Internet Movie Database Ltd.  

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