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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject 1.2b plan of action
Date Sat, 16 Nov 1996 00:37:15 GMT

"Ah, well, it's no use prevaricating about the bush..."
	- Wallace. "The Wrong Trousers".

(I know this is incomplete. It'll be biassed towards issues I'm aware
of until I see feedback).

Plan for Release of Apache 1.2 beta

Release Date: Dec 1st '96


	Sunday 17th - end of the day there's a feature freeze. No features
	will be added after that without a fight. Assume that all features
	are vetoed. Features added before the deadline need 3 x +1 votes
	BEFORE being committed.

	Now-24th - send bug patches/reports to the list. Don't commit
	patches until there are at least 3 +1 votes visible on the list.

	Sunday 24th - roll the last pre-beta tarball and make lots of
	noise on the list to get everyone to download it and try exactly
	the same version.

	At any time, send to the list a description of anything that needs
	doing and I'll try to summarise the state of affairs daily if there's
	anything new to report.

	Nov 30th, change the server name to 1.2b, create a public tarball.
	Dec  1st, move tarfile into place. Start a new release timetable
	for 1.2

Assume that only showstopper bugs will change the timetable... don't moan
if your pet project/gripe is overlooked if it can't meet the deadline - if
it has waited this long then it can wait for 1.3; if we can generate momentum,
1.3 could be only a few months away.

I'll try to post daily progress reports and maintain a 'to do' list. If there's
nothing to report, I won't. There's a to do list attached. Please send me
additions or more detail. 

CVS: Those of you with cvs priviliges on hyperreal, please commit whatever gets
approved (3 x +1) and nothing else. Also, what needs to be done CVS-wise
in order to create 1.2b and then prepare for 1.2 ? Let me know so I can put
it on the 'to do' list.

tarballs: Can someone volunteer to create a 1.2b tarball - I get the impression
that this is best done by someone with cvs privs. If there's no volunteer,
please explain the process so that it can be put on the to do list.

documentation: I'm easy on this (for 1.2b). The more the better, but I won't
treat it as a showstopper. If this frightens you, start writing documentation.

	(I know Brian setup a web bugtacking system but last time I tried it
	was way too slow (network delays) to be of any use.
	SIGUSR1/graceful restarts 

	Problem: Under FreeBSD, this is lethal. USR1 followed by HUP takes down
	te server. Paul S (?) reported annoying processes after a USR1.
	Plan: I can't see this getting fixed any time soon so I recommend it
	stays undocumented or gets big flashing warning lights.

	To do: Is there any documentation on this ? If there is, add a huge
	warning. If someone offers some comments for the C source to warn about
	this I'll +1 them.


To do:
	ASAP	Find a patch for 'satisfy' that works well (tried and tested)
		 (before feature freeze)
		Prepare more documentation.
		Resolve all outstanding bugs (see above).
	Nov 17	Feature freeze.
	Nov 24	Create last pre-beta tarball.
		Test, test, test.
		Report back with positive as well as negative comments.
	Nov 30	Create 1.2b tarball.
	  "	Update CVS to reflect 1.2b release.
	Dec  1  Release 1.2b.
	  "	Put documentation online if there is any.
	  "	Hand 1.2 management over.

Note: this is how I think we should work to release 1.2b. I'm not making
any rules for future release managers to follow (if we ever have another one).
This is my best plan for 1.2b within the timeframe that most people
appear to agree with (i.e. ASAP).

Rob Hartill.       Internet Movie Database Ltd.  

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