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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: 1.2beta release... Let set a timeline
Date Fri, 15 Nov 1996 20:09:56 GMT

Here's an idea/proposal:

For each new release, full or beta, we choose (look for a volunteer) to
set timetables etc to keep the release on track. A different person for
each release.

At the moment we've got voices from all directions offering different
timetables which get a small show of support which eventually counts for
nothing as the timetable is never followed... this has been the case for
months, and it started before 1.1 was released.

Let's try to get some shape.

I'd suggest that a release manager be allowed to set feature freeze deadlines
so that only (s)he can approve anything other than bug fixes after the
freeze. (how many feature freezes have we had so far that have been ignored ?).
This person would also collect all the feature request ideas together early
in the release cycle in order to record the proposed new features for the
next release. Only things that can be achieved in the proposed timetable will
be eligible for the release.

It might even be worth giving this person the choice to okay what's committed.
Since we switched to CVS, peer-review has been next to non-existent... it's
a free for all where those who have CVS privileges commit whatever they
feel like and those without badger the others to commit stuff (shout
loud enough and someone commits your patch). The release manager could also
reject stuff based on a lack of documentation (i.e. if you create something
new you must provide documentation to go with it - it doesn't need to be
polished HTML, just something written down to make later documentation
efforts easier).

If this sounds okay, anyone fancy trying to guide us towards a 1.2 beta
for ~Dec 1st ?. Someone else can then make sure that 1.2 is out the door
my Jan 1st.

We could even split things later into a "quick" 1.3 and a long term 2.0
with each having a release manager with different styles/rules... whatever
suits that person.


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