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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: two discrepancies:
Date Sun, 10 Nov 1996 05:02:03 GMT

> 2) I'm getting into the suexec business - httpd.h has:
>   /* The path to the suExec wrapper, can be overridden in Configuration */
>   #ifndef SUEXEC_BIN
>   #define SUEXEC_BIN "/usr/local/etc/httpd/sbin/suexec"
>   #endif
> I can't find a configuration directive which would set this.  Randy?
> We also need docs for this....
> 	Brian

There is not directive. This was made a compile time issue to 
prevent mischief. If the wrapper program is found at startup
and is setuid, etc. The server will configure itself to use this

As for a Configuration directive at compile time, I suspect that
got changed or never existed... dunno.

The docs... I'll be supplying these and the Rlimit stuff RSN.

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