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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: mod_headers for caching
Date Sat, 09 Nov 1996 16:07:12 GMT
Ed Korthof wrote:

>On Nov 8,  8:46pm, Rob Hartill wrote:
>> Subject: mod_headers for caching
>> Are there any headers that can be sent to Netscape to make it
>> refetch an inline gif if the one it has is more than a certain
>> age ?
>> I've been playing with mod_headers but can't find anything
>> that does the job properly.
>Have you tried adding an Expires: ... header for the inline gif?   Haven't
>tried it myself, but it seems reasonable.  (This won't fix images it got
>before, but those'll be reloaded eventually.)

Yup. There's a bug in Netscape though :-(  ... Once something has passed
its Expire date, Netscape refuses to refresh the Expire date if it
sees a 'not modified' response. I was trying to get mod_headers to let
me set caching info and then yank the Last-Modified date to work around
Netscape's bug, but Last-Modified seems to be set later, so it can't be

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