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From sameer <>
Subject LELAND/WEB: Change to Apache web server software (fwd)
Date Fri, 08 Nov 1996 19:31:59 GMT

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Subject: LELAND/WEB: Change to Apache web server software

On November 19th, at 10 am, the Leland servers that handle web pages for
much of campus will be changed from NCSA Web server software to Apache web
server software.

There will be no downtime associated with this change.  No URLs or
addresses will change.  The servers will still be called  You will not have to make any changes in the way
you use the web.

We are switching to Apache for several reasons:

 * It's faster and easier to maintain than the older NCSA software.
 * There is better (and wider) industry support for Apache software.
 * It has better support for advanced security features.
 * It has more overall functionality and general server features.
 * It's easier for the system administrators to apply local modifications.

We have great confidence in the Apache software.  We actually  switched one
of the www-leland servers to Apache software for a period of time late
last month in order to verify its functionality and to confirm a few minor
differences between the two kinds of server software.  The switchover
confirmed our expectations, and everything else functioned as anticipated.

Help us assess the improvements this change brings to our web service by
checking your pages after November 19th.  Please make sure they're behaving
the same way they did before the change.

If you have questions or comments about the server software -- or if you
have critical web pages that need to be tested before the switchover --
please contact Tim Torgenrud at 723-3940, torg@netserver.  For more
information about Apache, see

Distributed Consulting Group (DCG)

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