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From Howard Fear <>
Subject Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "invalid timezone stamps" on Linux (fwd)
Date Thu, 07 Nov 1996 05:32:18 GMT

Brian Behlendorf writes:
>     strftime(ts,MAX_STRING_LEN,fmt,tms);
> "gmt" is the flag which differentiates DATE_LOCAL and DATE_GMT".
> fmt is always > the DEFAULT_TIME_FORMAT from mod_include.c,
> which is "%A, %d-%b-%y %T %Z".  Should %Z know that it should be
> "GMT" if tms is gmtime(&t), or should we have a DEFAULT_GMT_TIME_FORMAT
> instead?  Is there a better fix?

Offhand, It seems the reasonable choice.  strftime doesn't know the
timezone of data passed to it.  The other choice seems to be moving
ht_time into mod_include.c (it only caller) and modifying it to
know the difference.  Personally, I'd opt for the DEFAULT_GMT_TIME_FORMAT.

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