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From Paul Sutton <>
Subject Error and non-error response handling
Date Thu, 24 Oct 1996 09:58:36 GMT
A protocol question: what response headers are valid for each of the
possible status responses? At the moment, only headers stored in
err_headers_out are output on a non-200 status, but I think that this
should only apply for error status (4xx and 5xx). The 2xx statuses
indicate a successfully processed request, so should get the full set of
headers. Also, 3xx response indicates a sucessful request but where the
resource is at another location, so they should also see at least some of
the response headers.

At present, there is special code in place for 304 to ensure that it
includes ETag and Content-Location (if set). The other 2xx and 3xx codes
also need these headers, plus (I think) Expires, Cache-Control, Vary and
Alternates. I'm not sure whether we should just output these specific
headers on 2xx and 3xx responses, or whether it is correct to output all
the normal response headers? Does this vary between 2xx and 3xx codes?

(By normal response headers, I mean those that would get output if the
response was 200 OK. Internally, these are the headers stored in

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