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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Long-lived software?
Date Mon, 28 Oct 1996 05:46:07 GMT
Roy T. Fielding wrote:
> > I was just reading through Roy's new util_date stuff, and I have a
> > question: what if someone decides to use Apache through the
> > twenty-second century? I mean, sure, 114 years is a long time, but
> > that's what they said about the year 2000 twenty years ago, and now
> > some people say that the year 2000 problem is going to bankrupt half
> > of all Fortune 1000 companies. (I'm exaggerating here)
> > 
> > My point is, the code, as stands, will be a full day off as of March
> > 1, 2100, since it does not accurately take into account that this is
> > not leap year. It even says this in the comments (twice). Do we really
> > want to be this short-sighted?
> Ummmm, no, it will fall over and die in 2038, as will every Unix system
> on the planet (assuming nobody ever fixes the time_t limitations).
> That isn't a problem for this particular usage (protocol dates).
> Most people don't even realize that, which is why the comments are so
> extensive.

Hmmm ... surely they'll all be >= 64 bit long before then.

> I suppose we could write a set of routines that assumes that eventually
> there will be unsigned long versions of the Unix time routines, but there
> is nothing to gain until such an interface exists.  Besides, by the time
> that happens they might make it a double.

What is time_t on an Alpha?



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