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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Weird Solaris stuff
Date Tue, 22 Oct 1996 22:03:41 GMT
Michael Smith wrote:
> I've just been spending most of today trying to work out why it is that
> a few people scattered about on the net can't connect to our web server
> (though they don't seem to have the problem with anybody else). I've
> tried different operating systems and different web servers; the problem
> appears with solaris 2.5 (with TCP patches) but not with linux or IRIX. 
> It appears with both apache and Netscape servers (relief).
> I managed to get a log-on to an affected machine, to do some remote
> requests.  While the server thinks it completes the transaction
> successfully, the client can only grab very small files.  I found that I
> can get a file 365 bytes long but not 366 bytes long (in this case I
> just get a Connection closed error).  This is reproducable.  I've got
> some TCP traces via the sun "snoop" program, which is a bit over my head
> but the size of the big data packet goes up from 590 to 591 bytes.

I'd be interested to see the traces.

I wonder if this is to do with Path MTU Discovery? Have you tried disabling it?



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