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From (Brandon Long)
Subject Re: add perm redirect, NCSA compatible
Date Tue, 08 Oct 1996 15:37:57 GMT
On 10/8, Paul Sutton uttered the following other thing:
> The patch below adds NCSA-style RedirectPermanent and RedirectTemp
> directives, to return 302 and 301 statuses. It could easily be extended to
> handle a directive to return 303 (See Other), or even - with a special
> case check to not return Location - 410 (Gone) status. Incidently, the
> text associated with 302 is still "Found", which should probably be
> changed to "Redirect Temporarily" to match HTTP/1.1.
> Incidently I added the new directives because they are NCSA-compatible.
> However I would prefer to use an optional argument to Redirect
> to give the status - this also makes it extensible if any other return
> statuses are added in the future, eg
>   Redirect /path
>   Redirect Temporary /path
>   Redirect Permanent /path
>   Redirect SeeOther /path
>   Redirect 301 /path

It might be worth just allowing the user to specify status code for
a particular document (assuming that apache would then provide an 
appropriate document or error message for the return type).

Return 410 /path

Or, I guess it could be in a <Location> or <Directory> directive.


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