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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: indent
Date Wed, 09 Oct 1996 16:34:32 GMT writes:

> > > I was under the impression that once we did the Feature Freeze
> > > and then applied all the patches (basically, freezing 1.2-beta
> > > "as is"), that someone would then indent all the sources
> > > and call _that_ the official 1.2beta. We would test that version
> > > out internally before releasing it publicly. I agree that doing it
> > > now would be a mistake because of patches in the works.
> > 
> > I agree. I see no reason to put this off. Sorting these kind of 
> > things out is what the beta cycle is for.

Absolutely not. A beta cycle is for testing the code and making minor
fixes not reformatting the whole lot!

> > +1 on indenting for b1.
> This is going to make cvs go crazy though.  Tracing bugs back through
> a completely reformatted source tree is going to be a nightmare.  Imagine
> the diff you are going to get when you compare a pre-indent to a post-indent
> version.  Do you really feel it is worth it?  I don't understand the
> argument of, "the current code is unreadable".  If somebody finds it so
> unreadable, just run indent on it locally and read that.


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