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From Mark Brown <>
Subject <Directory> versus <Location> with SSI
Date Wed, 23 Oct 1996 18:09:32 GMT

I've got a file /udir/mbrown/fcgi-devel-kit/doc/simple.shtml
that contains the include directive

<!--# include virtual="/examples/echo" -->

and I've configured my 1.2dev server like this:

DocumentRoot /udir/mbrown/fcgi-devel-kit
AddType text/x-server-parsed-html shtml
<Directory /udir/mbrown/fcgi-devel-kit/doc>
Options Includes

<Directory /udir/mbrown/fcgi-devel-kit/examples/>
SetHandler cgi-script

When I GET /doc/simple.shtml, all is well: the /examples/echo script
is run and its output is included.  But if I change those last three
config lines to

<Location /examples/>
SetHandler cgi-script

and GET /doc/simple.shtml, the echo script itself gets included
as a file by the default handler.  If I GET /examples/echo all
is well.

I see the same symptoms if I change those last three lines to what I 
really wanted in the first place,

<Location /examples/echo>
SetHandler cgi-script

Is this a bug or do I misunderstand how <Location> is meant to work?

Can <Directory> be used to associate a handler with a single file,
or is this a unique capability of <Location>?


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