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From Mark Brown <>
Subject FastCgiScriptAlias command
Date Tue, 15 Oct 1996 15:26:19 GMT

I'm getting a steady stream of reports from confused users who
insist on using ScriptAlias on directories full of FastCGI apps.

I propose the following patch to reduce the confusion.  It defines
FastCgiScriptAlias to be just like ScriptAlias, but with
"fastcgi-script" as the handler.

An alternative to this patch would be for mod_alias to export
the add_alias via some header file, and for mod_fastcgi
to define the FastCgiScriptAlias command.  I'd be happy either way.


P.S.  I still need to submit a patch to define the handler name
"fastcgi-script" for the mod_fastcgi handler.  I've made this change
to my 1.1.1 version but not to 1.2 because I have no idea when
1.2 will go out and I'd like to avoid submitting lots of small patches.

* * * * *

% diff mod_alias.c.orig mod_alias.c
> { "FastCgiScriptAlias", add_alias, "fastcgi-script", RSRC_CONF, TAKE2, 
>     "a fakename and a realname"},

* * * * *

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