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From Jim Jagielski <>
Subject Re: Another API change?
Date Thu, 10 Oct 1996 11:42:17 GMT
Alexei Kosut wrote:
> Erm? I'm confused. We have a directory on hyperreal,
> /export/pub/apache/docs/. It has all the neccessary documentation
> stuff in it. Can't we just import it into a CVS module (apache_docs or
> something), and just let people check it out? Why do we need this
> /htdocs/current stuff - what's wrong with the structure we use now?

The only beef I have with it is that we _don't_ have a "structure"
now that's in the CVS tree. Logging onto hyperreal or doing the
FTP download/upload game is inefficient and is, I'm guessing, a major
reason why people haven't been updating the docs. I simply made a
possible suggestion on how to lay it out, but my main point was to
get it under the tree... I think I even requested comments.

> I certainly *don't* think that the docs should be included with the
> server, if that's what you're implying. I agree that using CVS to
> maintain the docs on the site is a good idea, but it
> needs to reorganization, just a person to plug the right values into
> the CVS config files so that it will update the actual files the
> server looks for when someone commits a change.

Nope... never said I wanted the docs included in the release, just in
the CVS tree. The idea of having sep dirs for code specific to
one version was to make it easy for CVS and ourselves for future
back-tracking (ie: once we start on 2.0, we create a new subdir
keeping the 1.2 clean). No real need one way or another... I just want
the docs under CVS in a semi-logical way. If it's easier right now to
fold the present set in 'as is' that's fine. From what I see the dir
structure is fine and it's a simple matter of just importing it in,
if that's what people want. I think we all agree that the docs should
be added in, but we need to decide how...

Mother-Mode: ON
In the last few months, we've _really_ gotten away from project
level voting on issues and patches. We've got to get back to that.
Becoming a rag-tagged group of individuals instead of some loosely
connected "group" will cause things to get out of control real
quick. We have to decide things and directions as a group...
Lately, and I'm just as guilty, it's been a proposal or patch by
one, an Ack by two or three and it's done. Although it's true
that this method gets things done quickly, on the other hand it's
semi-bad because it gets things done quickly, if you get my drift.
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